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The Story of Geek N Sweets

Having suffered with mental health issues for many years the company was established with the sole aim of providing myself with more focus, something outside of the day job and family life, something for me.  
I have always been a big kid and always loved sweets.  As a young child owning a sweet shop was the dream, we get older, dreams fade, we go to work to pay the bills and that child inside is suppressed.
Well that child has decided that dream is still possible................


Our Products

We offer over 80 different sweet options, and unlike our rivals, we do not limit your number of sweet selections!!!
Click the link below to view our pic n mix options.


Contact Us

Have questions, comments, compliments or concerns? We’re always here to help.

7 Waendel Close, Wellingborough NN8 1FS, UK

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